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Proudly providing customers throughout Co.Dublin and surrounding areas with High Quality PV Solar Panel Installations. Start your Solar Energy journey with us Today!

Proudly providing customers throughout Co.Dublin and surrounding areas with High Quality PV Solar Panel Installations. Start your Solar Energy journey with us today!

Electricity Diversion Controllers

Solar Electricity Diversion Controllers

“Durable, Smart Electrical Diversion Controllers"

Solar diversion controllers are becoming increasingly important in optimizing our energy use as solar energy continues its revolution. Understanding what a diversion controller is, its importance, and the advantages it provides can have a significant impact on homeowners who are considering solar system installations

What is a Solar Diversion Controller?

Solar diversion controllers are intelligent devices that manage excess solar energy produced by photovoltaic panels. Solar systems that generate more energy than the household can use are diverted to other applications such as electric vehicle charging or water heating.

Why Do I Need A Solar Diversion Controller?

Maximize Self-Consumption: Without a solar diversion controller, surplus solar energy is often wasted, as it is exported to the grid. This results in little or no financial benefit to homeowners. A solar diversion control ensures that excess energy is intelligently used within the home. This reduces the reliance on the grid and maximizes self-consumption.

Optimize Solar Energy Usage: By using excess solar power to run specific appliances or applications on the home, homeowners can maximize their solar system performance. The PV panels can then be used to generate more energy, resulting in increased energy efficiency.

Reduce Electricity Bills: Homeowners can reduce their electricity bills by utilizing excess solar energy rather than purchasing electricity from the grid. An electricity diverter controller can help you take advantage of the clean and free energy that the sun provides.

Eco-Friendly Solutions: Solar diversion controllers are aligned with sustainability goals because they minimize the dependence on non-renewable sources of energy. This technology can reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a more environmentally friendly environment.

Divert Electricity Where You Need It, When You Need It.

Benefits of Solar Diversion Controls

  1. Seamless integration: Diversion Controllers integrate seamlessly with existing solar systems, compatible appliances and ensure a hassle-free setup.
  2. Energy Independence: By using more solar power generated by homeowners, they become less dependent on grid electricity. This gives them a feeling of energy independence, and helps them to be resilient against rising energy prices.
  3. Extended Appliances Lifespan: By reducing wear and tear and optimizing the use of excess solar energy, electrical appliances can potentially be extended in lifespan.
  4. Customizable Energy Diversion: The homeowner can choose the appliances or applications to which the excess solar energy will be diverted, tailoring the system according to their needs and priorities.
  5. Remote monitoring and control: Many diversion controls offer remote monitoring and controlling capabilities. This allows homeowners to manage energy consumption even when they’re away from home.

Solar diversion controllers can be a great addition to a home with solar panels. These controllers intelligently manage excess solar energy to help homeowners maximize their own consumption, reduce electricity costs, and contribute towards a cleaner environment. This technology allows you to unlock the full potential of solar power, paving the way for energy independence and sustainability. A solar diversion control is an investment that will pay dividends for homeowners who want to maximize their solar systems, gain control of their energy consumption and optimize their syste