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Proudly providing customers throughout Co.Dublin and surrounding areas with High Quality PV Solar Panel Installations. Start your Solar Energy journey with us Today!

Proudly providing customers throughout Co.Dublin and surrounding areas with High Quality PV Solar Panel Installations. Start your Solar Energy journey with us today!

Our Services

Our Services

What We Do Best

Check out the comprehensive range of solar services for homeowners, businesses and commercial property owners. If you have any questions regarding our services than give us a call, we love to talk about all thinks solar and renewable energy, and are team would be happy to advise you on what options will suit your home, use-case, budget and required results.

Our Solar Services

Solar Battery Storage

We provide a comprehensive range of premium high power reserve battery cells and systems, storing unused electricity in solar batteries is an effective way to increase the efficiency of your solar panel system.

Solar Power inverters

Solar power inverters are crucial bits of kit for solar panel systems as they convert DC electricity, which your solar panel creates and converts it to AC which the mains/electricity grid system uses.

Electricity Diversion Controllers

Having a smart diversion controller for your renewable energy system ensures that power is directed and controlled to the appliances, when you need them, large power draws of appliances during peak hours can significantly increase your energy bill.

Solar For Farms & Agri-Business

Embracing solar for farms revolutionizes agriculture. By harnessing the sun's energy, farms enhance sustainability and reduce operational costs. Solar panels power irrigation systems, lighting, and machinery, leading to reduced carbon footprint and increased energy independence. This synergy between agriculture and solar technology cultivates a greener, more efficient future.

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Additional Services We Provide

1. Residential Solar Panel Installation: Installing solar panel on the roof or in the yard to generate renewable electricity for homeowners.

2. Commercial Solar Panel Installation: Design and installation of solar panels for commercial buildings, such as offices, warehouses and factories.

3. Industrial Solar Solutions: Provides large-scale solutions to reduce carbon emissions and offset electricity costs for manufacturing and industrial facilities.

4. Off-Grid Solar Systems: Designing and implementing solar systems in remote locations without access to an electrical grid.

5. Grid-Tied Systems: Installing solar systems connected to the electric grid. The excess energy can be sent back to the grid as compensation or credit.

6. Solar Battery Storage: Installing solar battery storage systems to store excess solar power for use in periods of low sun or as backup energy during outages.

7. Solar System Maintenance and Repairs: We offer routine maintenance, inspection and repair services for solar systems to ensure their optimal performance and durability.

8. Solar Panel Cleaning: We offer cleaning services to solar panels in order to maximize their energy production and maintain their efficiency.

9. Solar Energy Audits: Energy audits of residential and commercial properties are conducted to determine the benefits and feasibility of solar installation.

10. Solar Financing and Incentive Consulting: Helping customers understand and access available solar incentives, rebates and financing options.

11. Solar Panel Monitoring Systems: Monitoring systems that track energy production, performance and efficiency of solar panels.

12. **Solar Relocation and Removal**: Offers services to remove solar panels and relocate them when businesses or homeowners move to a different location.

13. Solar panel upgrades: upgrading existing solar systems to more efficient panels, or adding features that enhance performance.

14. Custom Solar Solutions: Designing customized solar systems that meet specific energy requirements, space constraints or architectural requirements.

15. Educational Seminars and Workshops: Provide educational sessions and workshops for the public to learn about solar energy.

16. Solar Assessments and Consultations: We conduct site assessments and consult with customers to determine which solar solutions are best suited for them based on energy consumption and their goals.

17. Energy Efficiency Service: Offer energy efficiency services along with solar installations to further maximize energy usage and save money.

18. Green Building Integration: Working with architects and construction companies to integrate solar energy into green building designs.

19. Solar Thermal Systems: Solar thermal systems are available for residential and commercial applications. They can be used to heat water and provide space heating.

20. Solar System Warranty and Support: Comprehensive warranties and customer support for solar systems installed.